Kim Seng Plantations Selects LintraMax Plantation Management System

LintraMax Plantation Director is implemented for their oil palm plantation in Kuala Ketil, Kedah

Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR (9 April 2013) – Kim Seng Plantations Sdn Bhd (“KSP”), a privately owned plantation company, has selected LintraMax Plantation Director (“LPD”) for its oil palm estate in Kuala Ketil, Kedah. LPD is an integrated plantation management system designed to automate key estate operation processes and enhance management control.

By adopting LintraMax plantation management system, KSP would be able to streamline administrative and accounting processes at its estate. The system enables KSP’s management access to timely operation information and gain insights into operation. At the same time, reduce manual processing, paper work and improves staff productivity.

About LPD

LPD is an integrated plantation management solution software with functionalities for end-to-end estate operation from accounting, payroll, checkroll, nursery, vehicle, inventory and agronomics. It helps to streamline and simplify plantation administrative workflow as well as management through process automation.

By delivering quick access to decision-making information, LPD helps manage plantation organisation more effectively. Thus, facilitating better resource utilisation to streamline costs and increase profit.

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