The Essential Palm Oil Management Platform


Palm oil industry players in Malaysia has reached the point of letting thousands of tonnes of fruits to rot due to worker shortage. With labour crunch entering the third year, palm oil output in Malaysia is forecast to decline or remain the same as last year at 18.1 million tonnes.  The palm oil sector faces many other challenges as well. This further amplifies the need to efficiently manage plantations as best possible.

Insight for Plantation Operations

The Quarto platform is designed for the agriculture industry in Southeast Asia, including plantations with cash crop such as palm oil while also supporting businesses that diversify into fresh produce. The solution equips every worker, clerk, employee, and manager with the right digital tools for their job function. The software is also designed to increase operational efficiency within the entire upstream supply chain from estates to mills, and the head office.

360 Integration

Quarto seamlessly integrates operational and financial processes for greater  visibility at every level of the plantation business. For estates, Quarto includes an in-the-field app for field supervisors which seamlessly integrates with the estate office where clerks are able to draw on attendance and work data provided.

From there, Quarto’s capabilities expand further along the value chain to cover processing facilities such as mills and mill offices. Quarto also supports plantation businesses that diversify into fresh produce and farming. With its single data entry feature, Quarto connects directly to the HQ where financial reporting, analytics, and  final approvals can be made.

Key performance indicators for Plantation Managers

Every level of management from estates to plantation requires key performance indicators, especially yield, harvest, and financial data that are the fundamentals of a business. The integration of these details is crucial for informed decision-making that could help in planning with opportunities to improve, addressing immediate issues that arise, as well as preventing threats to profitability such as wastage and loss.

Powerful Map Visuals for Actionable Insights

When it comes to managing plantations, timely visual indicators can provide overview and essential insight. Quarto’s map feature provides critical and timely block-by-block harvesting and financial data to empower and support decision making and ensure estates are effectively managed. The right mapping tools can significantly assist in ensuring a plantation thrives. This is crucial as Quarto’s map offer features such as high-resolution images and accurate GPS coordinates. A comprehensive overview will allow industry players to perform strategic planning thanks to the visibility provided by the detailed, high-resolution maps.

Planting Ahead

There is a myriad of benefits Quarto can deliver to improve your plantation management, such as empowering management with the right digital tool. This will help management to capitalise on both short-term and long term opportunities. For example, short-term opportunities include increasing collected harvest while long-term planning involves optimising expenses of the estates.

Keep your plantation resilient and future-proof with Quarto. Let’s connect to learn how you can optimise your plantation management and processes.

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