Quarto HR eases MCO struggles with streamlined communication

Quarto HR

The Movement Control Order (MCO) is a challenge for many HR departments unprepared for remote working. This escalates MCO struggles for plantation businesses with large, distributed workforces used to checking into offices regularly.

Many HR departments still use separate systems to manage staff records, claims, leave and payroll. Claims submissions or leave applications that require paper documentation and multiple approvals present new hurdles. HR departments compensated by making Word or Excel forms available via network drives, and processing claims via email.

Far from ideal, HR managers and head of departments instead found their inboxes cluttered with submissions emails and duplicates. In large departments with dozens of staff, this problem quickly snowballs, and adds only to workloads. Meanwhile, important emails get buried and lost under the clutter. Making files available on a shared folder also presented potential security risks, especially since the documents could not be write-protected.

What if there was one unified system that can cut through these hassles? Better yet, integrate personnel records, claims, and leave with payroll?

Enter Quarto HR  

In recent years, Employee Self-Service (ESS) programs, such as Quarto HR by LintraMax are stepping up. As an extension of the Quarto agriculture management system, Quarto HR facilitates greater staff autonomy and access to work information, such as pay slips and tax forms. 

This is especially crucial for plantation companies that have smaller estate and mill offices where paper documentation might only be available in the head office at a different location. It also allows staff to apply for leave and submit claims without requiring the physical presence of supervising officers. This helps in keeping with social distancing requirements.

User-friendly profile management 

Personnel dossiers used to be off-limits to staff. Any errors in personal records were only correctible by HR. With Quarto HR however, employees now have direct control and can amend their profiles accordingly. A simplified dashboard lets users view important information such as tax details, pay slips, remaining leave days, and application/claims status at any given time. No more hassles of taking weeks to request for pay slips and EA forms from HR.

Easier leave management, synchronised organisational workflow 

To apply for leave, staff only need to fill in the requested dates into their user account. Quarto HR automatically sends the leave request to the respective reporting manager and head of department (HOD) for first and second level approvals and notifies the applicant’s request status. Gone are the days of going to multiple managers to submit or check on leave requests. More importantly, approved leave days reflect in the employee calendars, so everyone knows who is on leave and can plan accordingly.

Paperless, faster claims submissions and automated prevention of overclaims 

Claims submission was an even more tedious process. It requires photocopies and original receipts, and filling up numerous forms. These include specific and exclusive forms for travel, mileage, parking, medical, and accommodation claims, for example.

With Quarto HR, the applicant only needs to select the claim, key in the details, then submit a scan or photograph of the receipt. For variable claims such as mileage or travel allowances, the system will automatically calculate and apply appropriate rates.

This not only saves time on remuneration calculations, but also prevents overclaim abuses, which are common in travel and entertainment claims. Furthermore, a paperless system like HR speeds up requests to within 1-2 days, where typically it took at least a week or longer.

Integration with main Quarto system  

Quarto HR is a tool to improve remote working conditions, where employees and HR only requires a web browser to access the system. It reduces paperwork and bureaucracy in the midst of MCO struggles, and streamlines the workload of HR teams. Quarto HR’s design caters for hundreds or even thousands of employees across various estates, mills and office units, in one integrated HR system.

Attendance records from Quarto Attendance syncs with HR’s personnel records, which then seamlessly reflect in the main Quarto system’s payroll and finance modules for efficient salary management and reporting.

Cloud based for easy access and quick deployment

Deployment of Quarto HR is just as simple. As a cloud-based system, no installation is necessary. All of Quarto’s modules can deploy 100% remotely without impacting MCO protocols.

Contact us now and let Quarto HR help you keep track of employees easier, minimising the impact of MCO struggles in Malaysia!

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