Quarto Farm: Revolutionising fresh produce management  

Quarto Farm

Quarto Farm brings the data-driven and proven methodology from 18 years of managing oil palm plantations to farms. It is a platform for fruit and fresh vegetable producers to incorporate digital farming methodologies into their business. 

Quarto Farm brings the following advantages for users: 

Produce cycle management 

Quarto Farm monitors every produce’s growth cycle and all associated tasks from seeding to harvest. Production best practices are replicable to multiple farms while inefficiencies are more easily identified and remedied.  

Sales and inventory processing 

The system simplifies and automates key processes such as receipts generation, price setting, and automatically updates balance from produce transfers. It also intelligently converts packaged produce ready for sale in inventory records. 

Cost control 

Keep track of various operational expenses and prevent overruns with an integrated management system. Process and manage worker checkroll, payroll, planting, harvesting, logisticsand expenditure costs. 

Streamlined harvest processing 

The Quarto Farm app is a powerful yet intuitive new extension for the Quarto management system to streamline field data collection. It eliminates manual paperwork and reduces the likelihood of errors in harvesting, weighing and grading recording.

During harvest, the app creates and directly prints harvesting chits when connected to a Bluetooth printer. At the station, users will subsequently use the app to enter grade and weight for smoother produce sorting and packing. 

Insightful, data-driven traceability 

The Farm app records fresh produce data for processing using Quarto’s cloud computing capabilities to form actionable insights for decision-making. If a particular harvest is graded poorly or rejected for example, reviewing its seeding, manuring and soil records can identify and solve these issues early 

Taking your agribusiness to Industry 4.0 

Quarto Farm brings together numerous technologies to digitise your business operations for the future. The system is cloud-based, automatically backed up and continually upgraded for free, negating the need for costly hardware investments and software upgrades. Going beyond the companion app, the system’s functionality supports remote sensors for true on-ground, real-time monitoring. 

Contact us now to learn more about Quarto Farm, and how it can help your business. 

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